Vbox is a vertical
sample box

Our solution combines a high density storage box with an online managing tool

Manager demo

You can either use the box alone
or associated to the Slidepack Manager

Vbox is a vertical sample box

Versatile HD safe storage

  • Vertical storage for high density storage with up to 40 samples in the palm of your hand
  • Versatile slot design for 5x5mm² to 10x10mm² samples.
  • Fully curved walls for easy and secure edge-to-edge handling with round or fine tip tweezers.
    -> Consult the gap abaque here.


Auto-grabbing Slidepack technology is integrated. When using Slidepack tweezers, tweezers arms will automatically close and safely grab your sample by its edges.

User friendly operation

  1. Pull the sliding cover to access slots
  2. Extract sample with your favorite tweezers
  3. Release the lid to auto-close and lock the button
  4. Record sample data using our online managing tool

Auto-closing lid

Vbox integrates a patented spill-proof auto-closing cover. While opening the lid, integrated springs are compressed. When releasing the cover, it will automatically resumes its closed position.

Manage your sample collection

Just create an account to start recording sample details, locations and processes, it's all free

Apply process by batch
Search by keywords
Organize your boxes
Record sample process flow

Innovative in-the-box features

Vbox offers many others exclusive innovations

Writing zones

You can write sample information in the dedicated writing areas on the back

Transit area

Switch sample handling from face-to-face to edge-to-edge using the specifically designed transit area

Labelled slot

Thanks to slot ID you can easily find sample location and create your own worksheet

High density

Vbox stores up to 40 samples in the palm of your hand and even up to 200 within a liter when stacked

Finger operation

The lid is operated with a single finger leaving your other hand free for handling

Ergonomic design

Vbox is curved and sized to fit your hand. It offers dual functions for left and right handed

Lock button

Lock the button to keep the lid closed, even on unintentional drop


The patented auto-closing cover will prevent accidental spilling


Slopped walls will automatically close tweezers arms to grab the sample by its edges

Delivery and Customs duties
Delivery and customs duties not included in prices on this page delivery varies by country:

Shipping costs  Up to 3kg

France métropolitaine : 21.90 €
Europe (incl. UK, CH, LUX): 32.90 €
Other countries* : 47.90€

*Some specific countries are not included in this category  

For orders over 3kg, shipping costs will be calculated depending on the country and the order weight. They will be displayed on the quote.
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